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One evening 5 guys were sat around a table with drinks and a shisha pipe, throwing ideas about love, life, ambitions and aspirations. From that evening they inspired one from the group to seize the moment and ACE Threads was truly born.
ACE stands for Artisan Chimerical Exclusive.
  • Artisan; a person skilled in an applied art/ a craftsperson
  • Chimerical; to be visionary, imaginary, wildly fanciful and unreal
  • Exclusive; not admitting of anything else, incompatible, unique.

To reach out to those who are ambitious and creative you have ACE. An urban style and a way of following your dreams and living your life.
With designs inspired by imagination, concepts, freedom, inspiration and urban artwork.
Growing out of South West London and accepting no limitations, I hope you enjoy the collection and the ideas!
'the sky is the limit’ A phrase I do not like, if you set the limit of the sky you would never reach space.
Limitations on your ambitions and goals should not be set. The graft and the struggle helps to mould who you are.
ACE want to not just be a brand, but a lifestyle you can follow.
I hope you enjoy the products and the message!