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Right, so this is the first time I’ve ever done this so you may have to be patient with me here.
To start with I am not claiming any rights or any ownership to any images posted on here and this is all just about my opinions about certain things in fashion. I am definitely not saying that I know best, or more than anyone else or some sort of all powerful knowledge as I know that there can be some over sensitive trolls online or in person who decide to read too much into EVERYTHING.
So let us get started…. LAYERS
Not a SHREK scenario where I’m comparing people or fashion to onions (even though maybe in future?) This time around I’m just talking about a particular style which I have been a fan of for a while and seems to be growing and growing.
While everyone wears layers it’s becoming more and more popular to display the layers you are wearing visibly. The easiest way that it can be rocked is a simple longline tee, oversized sweatshirt and then a jacket over both as can be seen below…..

An easy and effective way of combining colours and going for a very relaxed, hap hazardous (what a word) look. It can go for a rebellious look in terms of colours and combine the concepts such as the camo and grey on the left or to help blend the look from the beige to the black on the right.
There is also a picture below (the one in green) which shows you can have all the layers in one colour and then some footwear in a contrasting colour which can always provide a solid look! It can also be experimented with layers on the sleeves by rolling up the final layer once or twice to again show what is underneath and allows you to keep your accessory game strong! (I will be talking about accessories soon)

It is like an ‘I don’t care about my appearance, but as you can see I pull it off like a hero’ kind of look.
The relaxed styles seem to be very in at the moment with almost every fashion outlet shop/ online selling some sort of longline tees, hoodies and jackets options so it can be easy to combine with many things you currently have in your wardrobe to complete a new look without spending a horrendous amount of money! This isn’t just a look for guys either girls can pull looks like this off just as well!
I don’t even know how long one of these is supposed to be but for this one I will finish here. In future I will talk about a whole range of things so keep posted! I hope you enjoyed this first one.
If you have any questions or want to ask some advice about looks, styles or colours I can always offer my opinion where necessary if you want to get in touch! acethreadsofficial@gmail.com