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So its blog entry number 2! Riveting no??
I will add again this time around that I am not claiming any ownership for photos and this is still based on opinion and all that kind of stuff yada yada yada……
So this time around after the layers talk last time now onto colours and destroyed looks. In full swing right now yet still on the come up, are good ole’ pastel colours. I am talking faded browns, greens, greys, beiges etc as will be shown in some pictures which I will attach to explain. When I am ever out and about I’m always looking at who is wearing what and how. Within many style blogs, look books, and in general these sorts of colours and styles seem to be very much the in thing (along with your greyscale colours, black white and anything in between). I don’t know if it is just that it is a more earthy or natural sort of look but when it is done properly you will automatically catch peoples’ attention!
Case in point with some images below….
These also go along with the layered theme that I mentioned in the first blog as well, I think the faded look just works really well; stylish, casual, and your look will grab the attention in the room! (That is any room you decide to turn up in you will be the hero). I don’t know if I can say all the names so for example the yeez…. (Yeah that one) season 2 collection is a lot of earthy colours and oversized sweats. Now in my opinion it goes a bit overboard with some of their styles and 100% with the pricing but not much can really be done about that! Again lots of clothes within these colour schemes can be found in many online outlet stores so you don’t have to spend a bomb if you want to try going for the look.
With the current in style of colours, I can see on the horizon another colour explosion soon within fashion where bright colours start coming back to centre stage. Especially with the layer game strong it will be easy for people to mix and match both looks together to come up with some awesome styles.
Destroyed styles are also in! To be fair, this isn’t a very new one but more is being done to test the boundaries and there are some really cool looks that can be achieved. Destroyed sweaters and jackets, cut and sew tops, ripped jeans and destroyed denims. All a part of a reckless ‘I don’t care but I really do’ kind of look!
I have never really found a good pair of ripped jeans that suit me and I’m not all for a jacket with rips in it especially if it is going to cost a lot of money but to each his own! I am a big fan of the destroyed cut and sew hoody on the left side with the faded green and camo blend for something which is a different take to what’s out there! The other picture of course displaying the greyscale look with longline and oversized outerwear. (super skinny jeans look terrible on me in my opinion but if they work for you, you can really experiment with the longline, oversized layers look)
Hope you guys enjoyed this one and maybe got some tips along the way or some ideas about styles or combos for yourselves. If you do have any questions, anything to add, feedback, want any tips or anything you can email me. acethreadsofficial@gmail.com
Check out my own collection! Much love until next time.